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Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year
Welcome to SweetBlissdotme!
Today we usher in the year of the goat. The goat’s positive aspects help us to connect with our joy! The energy will be lighter than last year, the year of the horse. The horse was about galloping along and kept moving even though issues that needed healing were revealing themselves everywhere: health, relationships, career, etc. The energy of the goat moves at a slower pace. We can now center ourselves and take stock of our lives. There is no better time than now to ask yourself the question, “What brings me joy?” then find a way to carve out time every week to experience it. Who knows, maybe it will lead to a new career!
When considering your own joy, don’t take this as something selfish. It’s not. If you connect with your joy and really own it, you will inspire others to see the glass half full and connect to their own. The world needs more joy and optimism!
Consider the recent snow that has fallen in the Boston area. As of today, the total is over 95 inches in less than a month. While there have certainly been some unfortunate tragedies due to the snow, for the majority it is merely a nuisance. On a positive note, the crime rate is significantly down! Let’s try to see where there might be a blessing or two as a result of this cosmic time out.  Has more time at home helped you to focus on important relationships? Clean out a closet? Cook or create something amazing? Slowed you down to see how blessed you are?
If we get caught in repetitive, negative thinking, “I’m so sick of shoveling,” we lose the lesson. Whatever we focus on, we get more of. If you have a roof over your head, a warm bed to sleep in, and enough food to eat every day then you are luckier than most on this beautiful planet. Count those blessings!
Get very present and decide for yourself:
Am I spending too much time on some activity that brings me no joy?
What can I do to replace this with something I really love to do?
Put it in your schedule or write it on your TO DO list. Don’t let another week slide by without allowing your heart to sing and smile within. Make this year of the goat a joyful turning point in your life. You will make the world a better place if you magnify the joy in your life! Spread it freely and see how life becomes sweeter.