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Your Body is Always Listening!


Have you ever felt that no one listens to you?  Well, just because you think something, doesn’t make it true.  Your body is always listening.  Every time you look in the mirror and think  you look old, or fat or ugly,  your body hears you and responds accordingly.  Your body lives to serve you and it does whatever it is told.  I once read a book that described how you can eat anything you want and get to your ideal weight by just repeating the following mantra throughout the day:

I AM thin, I AM trim, I AM youthful and beautiful.

The point was to replace any negative self-talk with this positive affirmation.  I did this for a summer and found that I was not interested in junk food, nor was I thinking about food!  I did lose weight and felt great!  But summer ended and I went back to my teaching job, forgetting  to state this mantra so I gained a few pounds back.

Your mind is very powerful.  Just as you want to limit the junk food you eat, it is best to limit the junk thoughts that you put into it that can be a detriment to your body.   Replace all of your negative thoughts with life affirming ones such as:  I AM radiantly healthy.  I am full of energy, joy and enthusiasm. I love the wonderful gift of my life.  I am grateful for all of the good that continuously flows to me. You can make up your own.  Look in the mirror and say out loud:

You are beautiful.  Thank you for housing my spirit.

Thank your body for all that it gives you:   arms to hold your loved ones,   feet that take you on adventures and to visit your friends,  eyes to see the beauty all around you, ears that delight in soothing music , a tongue to taste delicious food, and so much more.

Your body is your best friend.  Take good care of it, sending love and blessings every day.  Speak sweetly and kindly to this hard working vessel.  And remember to listen to it when it tells you to get more rest and drink more pure water.

You’ll be rewarded, your body will thank you.

You are Beautiful!

You are Beautiful!

Yes, you are.  I don’t care what you “think” you see when you look in the mirror, you are probably overly judgmental and critical of yourself.  What I know is that you are a spark of the Divine, experiencing a blessed sojourn on this beautiful blue planet to learn how to be a co-creator with God.  Thinking that you are just your physical trappings only gets you caught up in  3-D ego judgment non-sense.  You soul is massive, only a tiny part of you inhabits that body of yours that you criticize. The rest of you lives in various higher dimensions, and part of you is always with the Source of all that is. You are never separate from Divinity, you just forgot.

Recently I watched the documentary Unsupersize Me, at The film followed a sweet young woman who weighed 350 pounds with her personal trainer/coach as she became vegan and worked out for one hour per day. At 350 pounds, she was beautiful.  Her eyes poured out light energy.  As the story progressed she got healthier, was able to do more and felt much better after losing 200 pounds.  Of course there was a happy ending.  The point is, even though her body became gloriously healthy, the spark within could easily be seen from the start.  She was gorgeous.  She signed up for this life lesson before she was born so that the documentary could be made and uplift many.  How lovely is that!

So beautiful heart, since you are reading this, take a moment to receive love from the heart of the Divine Mother. Feel it wash over you. Slowly breathe it deeply inside. Close your eyes and visualize a wave of pink bliss washing into every cell.  Know that you are beautiful and you are loved!  Good things are in store for you.  Expect miracles.  Love yourself and the blessed vehicle that is your body.

If you can’t imagine this coming from the Divine Mother, then feel it come from me. Feel it wash over you.  It is coming from her heart, to mine into yours.  Take three to five deep breaths as you let it in. Stay in the moment for a few minutes.

Whatever you focus on, you get more of. Love your body, be kind to yourself and everyone else. When you are feeling good, you are healing.

You are beautiful!