Visualize the Earth Healed

Right now we are at a crossroads where a massive consciousness shift is needed. Even the Pope wrote an Encyclical that had nothing to do with religion, but everything to do with saving the Earth from the interests that care little for her and humanity.

Please join with me to be part of the solution instead of going into fear.  Let’s all visualize the Earth blazing in the Healing Fire of the God Most High of the Universe. See the Earth surrounded in violet, crystalline, and white fire as we invoke the Divine to cleanse her and restore her to balance. Please consider making this your default action whenever fear arises.

Mother/Father God

We invoke your healing flames and request that they envelope the Earth and all upon her, for the highest healing, highest blessings, and highest good of all kingdoms: animal, mineral, vegetable and human. We are grateful! And so it is.

Together we can create blessed change for the greatest good.

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