Please Pause, Send Healing to the Earth

Since my last post, I have felt prompted to send healing energy to the whole Earth at least three times per day.  As energy is shifting upward, Mother Gaia is clearing denser energies and we can feel her groan under the pressure. Please, if you feel moved, try to send her healing energy or offer prayers for her and all upon her at least once a day throughout July.  Make a note and tape it to your computer or mirror if it will help you to remember.

The gifts that the Earth gives are enormous: water to drink, air to breathe, food to eat and shelter crafted from her trees.  Even as she is cleansing, she offers her healing to us.  By walking barefoot on dewy grass or a wet sandy beach, we benefit from the healing electrons that vitalize every cell in our bodies.  On a more serious note, sending healing into the Earth for the greatest good of all can lessen the intensity of clearing activities such as storms, etc.

If you are sensitive, you may be feeling the energy that is coming up to be cleared in your own life as well as for Earth at this time. It may appear as anxiety, illness or just feeling “off.” Bathe yourself and the Earth in violet/white/crystalline flames to feel lighter.  Remember to breathe deeply, all the way down to your toes.  Be gentle with yourself and all around you.

Welcome the blessings that will come when the clearing is complete. Let go, let God.

If you would like to read what astrologer Anne Ortelee has to say about the current movement in the heavens click on Find her weekly podcast here:

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