What Do You Love?

The energy of the Highest Light has been increasing over the summer months.  This could have caused some stress for our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies as we integrated this new energy, clearing to the next level.  Now the eclipses are coming to help us assimilate this new Light even more, and bringing additional blessings.  On September 12-13, the first eclipse falls on a new moon.  This is a great time to decide what you really Love and start your plan for fulfilling your dreams.

If this feels like a difficult assignment, make a short list of things that you love, family members, things that brighten your day, etc. An example for you is the photo of sunflowers above.  I passed this field of sunflowers last summer and just had to stop to take pictures.  It not only made my day, but made my week.  Thinking about how beautiful this field was lifts my energy.  If you tend to get pulled off into negative thinking, create a short list of things that you love, making it your default setting. If I have a negative thought, my default is the picture above.  By staying in a lighter vibration, this will assist you in moving to the higher vision.  If necessary have more pictures to flip through your mind to pull it up to a comfortable, peaceful zone.

The equinox falls on September 23, bringing another powerful influx of Light (see my class The Chakras and Jung’s Archetypes on that day in the Coming Classes section.)  This is an excellent day to release what we do not want and then fill the empty spaces with Divine Light for highest good and healing. An example of a mantra to repeat is:

“I release into the violet fire all that is harmful to me.

I replace this energy with the golden Christ/Buddha Light.”

On September 27-28th, eclipse season will conclude with a total full moon lunar eclipse along with Wave X, which can be life-transforming!  Our DNA can wake up and shift to a higher frequency!  Bring it on, just be careful to be kind to yourself.  Get plenty of rest and drink lots of water.  This gift of Gamma Ray Light from the Galactic Core of the Universe has only been available every 3,600 years. This eclipse marks the beginning of the end of the control of the masses on Earth! Re-read that last line again.

We are so lucky to be alive. Open your arms to receive.

Wishing you abundant blessings and sweet bliss!


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