Monthly Archives: November 2015

Stay Centered in the Light


When dark events occur such as those in Paris last week, the best that we can possibly do is to stay centered in the light.  To go into fear, outrage or sadness pulls us off into the fray of negativity where the dark ones win.  Don’t let them.  Instead let the Holy Spirit use your vessel by affirming:

“From the I Am that I am, I call forth an ocean of unconditional Love from the heart of the Divine Mother, to completely cover the Earth in her pink Love fire, for highest healing, highest blessings, highest good.”

Repeat three times and visualize this if you can. Repeat whenever you think of a crisis anywhere. You are very powerful when you put yourself to work as a force of light.  Visualize yourself and others within this pink Love fire as well when necessary.

It is important to note also that we can be pulled off-center by small events such as hearing a person make negative comments, interacting with those seeking to draw others into their personal dramas, etc.

If we can make our default setting sending the pink fire of unconditional Love, we can change the world!

For more information see Barbara Seed’s book, Purify at