Diamond Rainbow Fire


On the morning of January 30, 2016, I had an instructional dream and was told to use “diamond rainbow crystalline fire” for clearing energy in place of crystalline violet fire.  Immediately I woke up and knew that I should write this down or forget about it by the time daylight arrived.  Since there was no paper next to my bed, I ran downstairs to find a pad to write on.  Something drew me to look out the window over the ocean, where a very bright light appeared in the sky.  It appeared to be elongated, cigar shaped.  As I watched, I thought it must be a plane approaching from across the Atlantic on its way to Logan Airport, but it didn’t move.  After a minute of staring at it I decided to find my cell phone and get a picture.  Upon returning, the light was no longer cigar shaped but appeared to be a golden orb of pulsing light. Could this have been a planetary alignment that I witnessed? Huge Jupiter, the planet of blessings, beaming down new information for anyone listening?

I have been using diamond rainbow crystalline fire and find that it is indeed powerful for clearing energy!  In any event, we are left with the message of that day which is to use a higher frequency of healing light at this time if we choose.

Diamond Rainbow Crystalline Fire.

Abundant blessings to you and yours!




6 thoughts on “Diamond Rainbow Fire

  1. Christopher Mantzaris

    Hi Barbara, In my crystal and reflexology on- line class I was told that rainbow crystals reveal a rainbow flash of color within the crystal caused by natural refraction of light .They are beautiful and tend to be very powerful .(in comparison to clear quartz crystal ) Your dream sounds exciting. XXXXXXXX Marilyn

  2. Sharon

    Hi Barbara, thank you for the post. I have had a couple of experiences, I don’t know if they are related but I thought I would share.

    This past week while I was imagining the diamond at the center of the earth as white light a thought (message) came to me that there is a rainbow of color in a diamond.

    The other experience occurred a few months ago. Kuan Yin appeared above my right side holding a vessel (like a pot of gold). She poured multi colored sparkling light down over me. The feeling was amazing.

    Many blessings, Sharon

  3. starseed204

    wow! so glad i saw this, thanks for sharing…i love it, diamond rainbow fire…i like to say my aura is the color of diamonds…i have this strong feeling that wherever i come from is full of rainbows and diamonds…i call it my diamond planet, it just came to me one day…peace n blessings


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