Be Your Own Valentine


You may have a Valentine to share this day with, but you also have your own inner male and female within you to shower your love upon.  We all have both male and female aspects that we carry from lifetime to lifetime.  Your inner male helps you to be strong, wise, accomplish tasks and maintain healthy boundaries.  He holds the container for your inner female to be creative, nurturing, and intuitive, helping you to become love in action.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath.  Now go into your heart to check in on your inner male and female.  Sense how they appear, vital and strong or tired and in need of attention?  If you can’t sense them, don’t worry, just take a moment to surround them with your love and affection.  After all, they are an important part of the amazing being that you are!  To be conscious of them and acknowledge them is a big step in becoming more self-aware and whole.

Since we need our inner couple to have a good relationship, it is time to become a conscious model of respect to both sexes.  Women being put down by men has always been wrong but now that the goddess has returned it is equally wrong for women to bash men.  If we respect ourselves first, then the rest will fall into place.  Love will flourish in the beautiful marriage within!

Be blessed at every level of your being.

3 thoughts on “Be Your Own Valentine

  1. Marionna Sabia

    Amen! Happy Valentine’s Day to you too! Xo M

    Sent from my iPhone Marionna Sabia NBCRT, CST



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