Monthly Archives: March 2016

Release what needs to go, then open to receive!


The new moon eclipse on Tuesday evening, March 8, is the perfect time to release anything that holds you back before the new influx of dynamic energy arrives in full force later in spring and summer.  March is the last month to create the big picture vision for what you would like be doing for the next 12 to 19 years. You are constantly creating your reality with your unconscious thoughts, why not take charge of your destiny! The timing is perfect.

First, make room for greater good to flow by releasing lower energies. Is there someone that you have been angry with for a long time? Parent, spouse, sibling, co-worker, town gossip, other? Can you look at the situation one more time to see the greater wisdom that can be gained as a result of this relationship? Is there a disappointment that keeps you stuck? A missed opportunity? Maybe events happened for the best. Make a list of the top three to five people/things that you ruminate over and resolve to let them go! 

With space created by releasing what drags you down, now imagine what you would love to create. Dream big! Make a list and picture it. Next, call on you I AM presence, the part of you that has never been separate from the Divine. Ask you I AM presence to help you manifest your vision and open the flow of blessings for your highest good, highest healing and highest blessings. Ask and it is given.

Be blessed abundantly at every level of your being!