Invoke Healing for Yourself Daily

The 12 Universal Laws are always at work whether we are aware of them or not.  The 8th immutable universal law is the Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy.  We have the power to improve the conditions in our lives!  Higher vibrations consume lower ones in their light of transmutation.  Since this is so, why not invoke healing for yourself every day?  Everything we do impacts everything and everyone else on the planet (2nd Law of Vibration), we clean up the planet by starting at home.  In order to create change we must take action (3rd Law of Action) so a daily practice will take care of this.  The 4th Law of Correspondence instructs us, “As above, so below.”  We can merge the perfected, higher aspects of ourselves by focusing on what we choose, total healing, which is an ongoing process. Many issues from past lifetimes are revealing themselves to be healed now.  Unfortunately, it cannot be done all at once or we would disappear!

We see the Law of Attraction (Law 7) always at work, and we want to attract positive energies. Sow loving, kind thoughts and actions toward others as well as ourselves, and they will return, magnified! This Law of Cause and Effect (Law 5) is the law of karma. Finally, let’s look at the 1st Law of Divine Oneness.  We are all connected to everything and everyone else.  Our thoughts, words and actions impact the whole universe!  Let’s decide to be healed in the Love of the Divine Mother now that the Aquarian Age is fully in place. We will raise others up with us in the process.  How blessed we are to be alive at this amazing time of transformation!

Daily Healing Prayer

From the I AM that I AM, I raise my hands to the God Most High of the Universe and request that the diamond rainbow crystalline fires transmute all misqualified energies in my mental, emotional, physical and etheric bodies back into the Divine Harmony of Mother God’s unconditional Love.

I AM Light. I AM Love. I AM Joy. I AM grateful.

And so it is.

Be blessed at every level of your being!

4 thoughts on “Invoke Healing for Yourself Daily

  1. Marionna Sabia

    Beyond loving this post! Rings so true. So deeply. Thank you for putting it out there allowing its ripple effect to reach everybody – everything!! Love M

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