Stay Centered, Your Light is Needed!

It is a given that during these times of swift Light expansion, events may occur that cause serious concern. It is important to remember that whatever does not serve the greatest good will fall away, making room for Divine Light to create something much better! As keepers of the Light, we must stay centered. Falling down the rabbit hole with those who feel helpless or depressed only diminishes our Light when it is needed most.

It is so easy to be pulled off emotionally. In 2012, a toddler was presumed to have washed into the sea near my home.   The sounds of the search helicopters continued for days. I sat down to pray for this child and a wave of despair washed over me. I did not breathe deeply to let it pass, but got swept up in the tide of emotions, feeling that she would not be found. Instead of remaining centered and sending light and prayers to help with the crisis, I began to sob.

Immediately, the washing machine upstairs disconnected from its hose and sent a flood of water through the closet behind me. The message was clear, “Hold your center!” Water is the element that represents our emotions, I was shown how destructive it is to be pulled off. My energy was needed to send Light, prayers and blessings.

Also, please be aware that the moods/manipulation/neediness of others can pull you off center easily also. Learn to recognize when this happens so that you can withdraw from the drama and not get “hooked in.” We have all been on both sides of this issue, hooker and hooked, so there is no need to judge anyone just increase awareness to bring peace.

No matter what changes lie ahead, remember that all is well. We are in the age of Light and miracles, the cleanup process will bring blessed changes! 

“No matter what happens, or how bad it seems today,

life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow.”

Maya Angelou

Be blessed at every level of your being.

May all beings everywhere be blessed!

4 thoughts on “Stay Centered, Your Light is Needed!


    Thank You Barbara, I am at the office and Peg called crying regarding our incoming Govt officials,when your email popped up. Luanne

  2. Jane Militello

    Lovely and timely. Thank you for sharing your experience with getting “hooked” into the emotion and drama of a situation. Blessings, Jane


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