Monthly Archives: February 2017

What the world needs now is LOVE!

This Valentine’s week, let’s start a movement!  Let’s send sweet Love to those who annoy us (or worse.) We all have people in our lives that are easy to Love.  Sending them Valentines and loving thoughts is a joy because the flow of Love back and forth between us is a sweet, well-worn path.  But it’s the prickly individuals who need Love the most.  Just think about how rough it must be to live inside the skin of a really annoying, unhappy person.  Catching a break by catching some Love from you may be the best thing to happen to them in a long time!  Everything that you send out comes back to you, so this is a win-win situation.  Sometimes those who cause the most pain are just hanging around waiting for a blessing.  As soon as they get it, they’ll move on.

“Mother God, please infuse (name) with your purest Love.

Help him/her feel how much you Love him/her.

Let blessings flow to him/her on the wings of Divine Grace.

May all beings everywhere be blessed with the knowing that

they are loved beyond measure, eternally and unconditionally.

And so it is!”

Let’s light up our little corner of the planet.   Happy Valentine’s Week!

May you be blessed abundantly at every level of your