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Raise Your Vibration Easily!

It is time to move out of negative thinking, once and for all!  Why? Because negative emotions feed the beings that took control of the earth over 30,000 years ago, enslaving humanity by reducing our 12 strands of DNA to two.  To say that we have not had access to our full potential is an understatement!  The age of light is here, we can take control of our personal evolution. I don’t want to feed the monster any longer, and you probably don’t want to either.

In meditation I have been guided to state affirmations for each of the major chakras daily and also if I happen to slip into negative thinking (victim stories, judging or comparing others, guilt, shame, anxiety, etc.)  We can all slip into negative thinking as we are moving out of it, don’t feel guilty, just take action. Claim your joy, your birthright!

Here is a quick and easy sequence of affirmations to feed to your chakras and help to dissolve the ego.  Visualize your chakras with golden spheres of light blazing in each one as you say these affirmations.  This is easy, powerful and can pull you out of lower vibrations in a matter of seconds.  Call on Archangel Michael for protection and affirm:


  • In the Crown:  I AM LIGHT (deep breath)
  • Third Eye: I AM LOVE (deep breath)
    Throat: I AM JOY (deep breath)
    Heart: I AM WISDOM (deep breath)
    Solar plexus: I AM TRUTH (deep breath)
    Sacral:  I AM BEAUTY (deep breath)
    Base:  I AM THAT I AM, I AM THAT I AM, I AM THAT I AM (deep breath)

Pause and see the golden orbs joyfully swirling in your chakras.  You may feel the need to do this many times per day in the beginning, that’s okay.  It’s a process. If negative thinking shows up, it is also powerful to just keep repeating:



Give yourself this gift daily.


May you be blessed at every level of your being!