Moving Upward!

While meditating over the last year and a half, it has been shown to me that each person’s higher self will eventually anchor in his/her base chakra—moving us out of the third, to fourth to then existing in the fifth dimensional version of Earth. How will this look in terms of us interacting in the world? Our egos will dissolve. We will give up our stories of being victims. We will stop blaming others for our troubles. We will stop judging others! That’s right, stop judging others. Instead of talking about the “evil” mother in law who can be so cruel, a blessing will be sent. This means taking back personal power. Whenever we complain or dig in about something, we are in our egos giving our power away. Take back your power because it is best for you and for everyone else. Another side of judgment is seeing ourselves as less worthy than others. Shame lives in the base chakra, we can ask for the violet fire to come and clear it, and keep asking every day until it is all gone.

This is hard work. Sometimes venting with a trusted wise friend can help put things in perspective and move through an issue faster. The key is to get to the other side and ‘let it go!’ Once we have released all of these cement weights and fully opened our hearts it’s hello fifth dimension! It is important to note that when judging anything, the heart is closed.

If you are having trouble clearing your base chakra, this post might help you to understand what is going on. The first step is learning to accept and love yourself just as you are. This is not narcissistic love, this is complete acceptance of yourself as a Light Being having a human existence. We took on “flaws” to experience life more fully, but the experiment in duality is over. The Light is increasing all the time, shining a spotlight on what needs clearing. A great place to start this journey would be to experience a prayer that came through Ann Franciscovich, a new Magnified Healer.

Anne’s Prayer

I admit to loving myself fully and freely, just as God loves me and as I too love God, wholly and unconditionally without any reservations whatsoever.

I forgive myself for being blind to this love and I forgive all others who may have led me unintentionally to a state where I could not see the love that I am and that fills me.

I have compassion for myself for all the suffering that judgment has wrought upon my heart and upon those near and dear to me.

I allow my loving heart to be the resting place of God, that I may see things, and know things through the eyes of God that will aid me in bringing solace, aid and comfort to my own family and to those people who come to me for care.

I apply the principles of compassion, concentration and care to all those who come across my path.

In so doing I become who I have always been, a light of God radiating ever more and more to all that surrounds me now.  Amen.

Thank you for this prayer Ann!

Wishing you blessings at every level of your being!






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