Affirmation for Radiant Health

(This affirmation flowed into my thoughts onto paper in the middle of the night)

Every day in every way I create perfect health for my mind, body and emotions.

Any toxins encountered are instantly transmuted into benevolent substance.

The ideal environment for my health is easily maintained.

Daily I AM strengthened by optimal nutrients from pure foods, drinks, and the universe.

My guides, healers and teachers lead me to situations which enliven my body and spirit,

keeping me consciously in contact with Divine Source.

I AM a conduit of Divine Unconditional Love in uninterrupted flow through me to the Earth.

This Light supports my optimal health and well-being at all times.

I claim radiant health and abundance as mine just as I claim it for all of humanity.

I integrate my body and whole being with fifth dimensional or higher solar light.

I AM healed, I AM whole.  I AM my I AM Presence. All is well.

¬©Barbara Seed Siergiewicz

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