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Raise Your Vibration Quickly!

Sometimes events or bad news can cause energy to drop.  If you start to feel hopeless or let negative thoughts run around in your mind, you can change the pattern quickly. State,


Then proceed to chant the ancient healing Bija tones for each chakra. In just a few minutes, you can raise your vibration.  The key is realizing that you need to free yourself from these negative thoughts, because they will only attract more.

Chant each tone three times, starting at the crown.  Make sure to use a full deep breath and focus your attention on the chakra that you are healing.  Even though these chants seem like one syllable, make them into three sounds.  For instance, OM starts as O, then M, then N—ending with your tongue on the roof of the mouth to vibrate the soft palate which balances the emotional body. Very simple. Very powerful.  Start at the crown:

OM (crown)

OM or AUM (third eye)

HAM (throat) pronounce all with long AH sound

YAM (heart)

RAM (solar plexus)

VAM (sacral)

LAM (base chakra)

Seal yourself in a beautiful golden orb of Christ/Buddha light!

  Enjoy the rest of the day.

May you be blessed at every level of your being!