This is a blog to share information about upcoming workshops on healing, human development, meditation and uplifting the human spirit.  Barbara taught human development and education courses at the college level for 12 years, she is now focusing on leading meditations and teaching the following classes: Magnified Healing(R) (magnifiedhealing.com), the Melchizedek Method (kamadonacademy.com), and workshops that she created:  Healing the Ancestors, a Workshop for the Advancing Soul, The Power of Color to Heal, The Chakras and Jung’s Archetypes (sound healing included).  Please contact Barbara for more information on these courses taught on Cape Ann in Massachusetts.  Barbara@sweetbliss.me

Barbara learned to meditate in her twenties when she moved to Rockport in 1984. She was fully “awake” and actively participated in the world wide Harmonic Convergence to claim the highest Light for Earth in 1987. Barbara earned a BFA from Rivier University, an MAT from Tufts University and her parent coaching certificate from The Parent Coaching Institute in conjunction with Seattle Pacific University.  She completed advanced polarity therapy training, is a Reiki Master, Melchizedek Master(2012) and Master Teacher of all three levels of Magnified Healing (2009). Barbara continues to teach, empowering students to learn to heal themselves.  She is the mother of two adult children, a financial advisor and a doctor of naturopathic medicine.  She lives on Cape Ann with her husband.

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