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Raise Your Vibration Quickly!

Sometimes events or bad news can cause energy to drop.  If you start to feel hopeless or let negative thoughts run around in your mind, you can change the pattern quickly. State,


Then proceed to chant the ancient healing Bija tones for each chakra. In just a few minutes, you can raise your vibration.  The key is realizing that you need to free yourself from these negative thoughts, because they will only attract more.

Chant each tone three times, starting at the crown.  Make sure to use a full deep breath and focus your attention on the chakra that you are healing.  Even though these chants seem like one syllable, make them into three sounds.  For instance, OM starts as O, then M, then N—ending with your tongue on the roof of the mouth to vibrate the soft palate which balances the emotional body. Very simple. Very powerful.  Start at the crown:

OM (crown)

OM or AUM (third eye)

HAM (throat) pronounce all with long AH sound

YAM (heart)

RAM (solar plexus)

VAM (sacral)

LAM (base chakra)

Seal yourself in a beautiful golden orb of Christ/Buddha light!

  Enjoy the rest of the day.

May you be blessed at every level of your being!

Affirmation for Radiant Health

(This affirmation flowed into my thoughts onto paper in the middle of the night)

Every day in every way I create perfect health for my mind, body and emotions.

Any toxins encountered are instantly transmuted into benevolent substance.

The ideal environment for my health is easily maintained.

Daily I AM strengthened by optimal nutrients from pure foods, drinks, and the universe.

My guides, healers and teachers lead me to situations which enliven my body and spirit,

keeping me consciously in contact with Divine Source.

I AM a conduit of Divine Unconditional Love in uninterrupted flow through me to the Earth.

This Light supports my optimal health and well-being at all times.

I claim radiant health and abundance as mine just as I claim it for all of humanity.

I integrate my body and whole being with fifth dimensional or higher solar light.

I AM healed, I AM whole.  I AM my I AM Presence. All is well.

©Barbara Seed Siergiewicz

Moving Upward!

While meditating over the last year and a half, it has been shown to me that each person’s higher self will eventually anchor in his/her base chakra—moving us out of the third, to fourth to then existing in the fifth dimensional version of Earth. How will this look in terms of us interacting in the world? Our egos will dissolve. We will give up our stories of being victims. We will stop blaming others for our troubles. We will stop judging others! That’s right, stop judging others. Instead of talking about the “evil” mother in law who can be so cruel, a blessing will be sent. This means taking back personal power. Whenever we complain or dig in about something, we are in our egos giving our power away. Take back your power because it is best for you and for everyone else. Another side of judgment is seeing ourselves as less worthy than others. Shame lives in the base chakra, we can ask for the violet fire to come and clear it, and keep asking every day until it is all gone.

This is hard work. Sometimes venting with a trusted wise friend can help put things in perspective and move through an issue faster. The key is to get to the other side and ‘let it go!’ Once we have released all of these cement weights and fully opened our hearts it’s hello fifth dimension! It is important to note that when judging anything, the heart is closed.

If you are having trouble clearing your base chakra, this post might help you to understand what is going on. The first step is learning to accept and love yourself just as you are. This is not narcissistic love, this is complete acceptance of yourself as a Light Being having a human existence. We took on “flaws” to experience life more fully, but the experiment in duality is over. The Light is increasing all the time, shining a spotlight on what needs clearing. A great place to start this journey would be to experience a prayer that came through Ann Franciscovich, a new Magnified Healer.

Anne’s Prayer

I admit to loving myself fully and freely, just as God loves me and as I too love God, wholly and unconditionally without any reservations whatsoever.

I forgive myself for being blind to this love and I forgive all others who may have led me unintentionally to a state where I could not see the love that I am and that fills me.

I have compassion for myself for all the suffering that judgment has wrought upon my heart and upon those near and dear to me.

I allow my loving heart to be the resting place of God, that I may see things, and know things through the eyes of God that will aid me in bringing solace, aid and comfort to my own family and to those people who come to me for care.

I apply the principles of compassion, concentration and care to all those who come across my path.

In so doing I become who I have always been, a light of God radiating ever more and more to all that surrounds me now.  Amen.

Thank you for this prayer Ann!

Wishing you blessings at every level of your being!






Raise Your Vibration Easily!

It is time to move out of negative thinking, once and for all!  Why? Because negative emotions feed the beings that took control of the earth over 30,000 years ago, enslaving humanity by reducing our 12 strands of DNA to two.  To say that we have not had access to our full potential is an understatement!  The age of light is here, we can take control of our personal evolution. I don’t want to feed the monster any longer, and you probably don’t want to either.

In meditation I have been guided to state affirmations for each of the major chakras daily and also if I happen to slip into negative thinking (victim stories, judging or comparing others, guilt, shame, anxiety, etc.)  We can all slip into negative thinking as we are moving out of it, don’t feel guilty, just take action. Claim your joy, your birthright!

Here is a quick and easy sequence of affirmations to feed to your chakras and help to dissolve the ego.  Visualize your chakras with golden spheres of light blazing in each one as you say these affirmations.  This is easy, powerful and can pull you out of lower vibrations in a matter of seconds.  Call on Archangel Michael for protection and affirm:


  • In the Crown:  I AM LIGHT (deep breath)
  • Third Eye: I AM LOVE (deep breath)
    Throat: I AM JOY (deep breath)
    Heart: I AM WISDOM (deep breath)
    Solar plexus: I AM TRUTH (deep breath)
    Sacral:  I AM BEAUTY (deep breath)
    Base:  I AM THAT I AM, I AM THAT I AM, I AM THAT I AM (deep breath)

Pause and see the golden orbs joyfully swirling in your chakras.  You may feel the need to do this many times per day in the beginning, that’s okay.  It’s a process. If negative thinking shows up, it is also powerful to just keep repeating:



Give yourself this gift daily.


May you be blessed at every level of your being!



What the world needs now is LOVE!

This Valentine’s week, let’s start a movement!  Let’s send sweet Love to those who annoy us (or worse.) We all have people in our lives that are easy to Love.  Sending them Valentines and loving thoughts is a joy because the flow of Love back and forth between us is a sweet, well-worn path.  But it’s the prickly individuals who need Love the most.  Just think about how rough it must be to live inside the skin of a really annoying, unhappy person.  Catching a break by catching some Love from you may be the best thing to happen to them in a long time!  Everything that you send out comes back to you, so this is a win-win situation.  Sometimes those who cause the most pain are just hanging around waiting for a blessing.  As soon as they get it, they’ll move on.

“Mother God, please infuse (name) with your purest Love.

Help him/her feel how much you Love him/her.

Let blessings flow to him/her on the wings of Divine Grace.

May all beings everywhere be blessed with the knowing that

they are loved beyond measure, eternally and unconditionally.

And so it is!”

Let’s light up our little corner of the planet.   Happy Valentine’s Week!

May you be blessed abundantly at every level of your

Earth is the place to be!

Last week I had a dream just before waking up. I could see people stretching out in very long lines, as when security is backed up at the airport, waiting patiently. I asked my guidance what the dream meant and the answer was,

“These are people waiting to be born, Earth is the place to be right now!”

This makes perfect sense because we are at the great crossroads out of the age of quarrel and conflict into the age of Light! Many are experiencing the dark night of the soul at this time where life and its purpose comes into sharp focus. The gift of this struggle is deciding to surrender our earthly concerns and self-gratification, and instead focus on the evolution of the soul. After all, our true purpose is to become Love in action!  While it is true that we are on the threshold of the Age of Light, we must remember:

Enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the facade of pretense. It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.” ―Adyashanti

Much of what we are sure is true, will be shown to be completely false in the coming years. If we know to expect this, it will be easier to bear. As the old ways fall, it is normal to feel shaken. Change and movement into uncharted territories can bring up fear. Old boundaries are crumbling, but we can create new ones to enhance and hold sacred the Light that is coming to bring a better way.

Create a new, protective boundary by visualizing royal blue octahedrons (diamond shape, eight sides) encapsulating yourself, your bed, your home and property daily to integrate this new Light. I can’t fall asleep at night until I do this, it takes less than a minute. I have been visualizing this daily for a few years, it is very helpful. See yourself within this bright diamond shape and know that it is helping you to bridge the material and spiritual worlds. This diamond balances the heart and can bring clarity to the mind. You can visualize blue, violet or diamond rainbow fires within it to clear lower energies and to bring in Divine strength, aligning to Divine will and truth. This is a tool of empowerment! Visualize it repeatedly throughout the day as necessary.

Remember the many souls lined up to come to Earth at this amazing time of transformation. How lucky we are to be here and witness this event from a front row seat! Stay centered to shed your light for the greatest good of all

Be blessed at every level of your being!

Stay Centered, Your Light is Needed!

It is a given that during these times of swift Light expansion, events may occur that cause serious concern. It is important to remember that whatever does not serve the greatest good will fall away, making room for Divine Light to create something much better! As keepers of the Light, we must stay centered. Falling down the rabbit hole with those who feel helpless or depressed only diminishes our Light when it is needed most.

It is so easy to be pulled off emotionally. In 2012, a toddler was presumed to have washed into the sea near my home.   The sounds of the search helicopters continued for days. I sat down to pray for this child and a wave of despair washed over me. I did not breathe deeply to let it pass, but got swept up in the tide of emotions, feeling that she would not be found. Instead of remaining centered and sending light and prayers to help with the crisis, I began to sob.

Immediately, the washing machine upstairs disconnected from its hose and sent a flood of water through the closet behind me. The message was clear, “Hold your center!” Water is the element that represents our emotions, I was shown how destructive it is to be pulled off. My energy was needed to send Light, prayers and blessings.

Also, please be aware that the moods/manipulation/neediness of others can pull you off center easily also. Learn to recognize when this happens so that you can withdraw from the drama and not get “hooked in.” We have all been on both sides of this issue, hooker and hooked, so there is no need to judge anyone just increase awareness to bring peace.

No matter what changes lie ahead, remember that all is well. We are in the age of Light and miracles, the cleanup process will bring blessed changes! 

“No matter what happens, or how bad it seems today,

life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow.”

Maya Angelou

Be blessed at every level of your being.

May all beings everywhere be blessed!

Invoke Healing for Yourself Daily

The 12 Universal Laws are always at work whether we are aware of them or not.  The 8th immutable universal law is the Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy.  We have the power to improve the conditions in our lives!  Higher vibrations consume lower ones in their light of transmutation.  Since this is so, why not invoke healing for yourself every day?  Everything we do impacts everything and everyone else on the planet (2nd Law of Vibration), we clean up the planet by starting at home.  In order to create change we must take action (3rd Law of Action) so a daily practice will take care of this.  The 4th Law of Correspondence instructs us, “As above, so below.”  We can merge the perfected, higher aspects of ourselves by focusing on what we choose, total healing, which is an ongoing process. Many issues from past lifetimes are revealing themselves to be healed now.  Unfortunately, it cannot be done all at once or we would disappear!

We see the Law of Attraction (Law 7) always at work, and we want to attract positive energies. Sow loving, kind thoughts and actions toward others as well as ourselves, and they will return, magnified! This Law of Cause and Effect (Law 5) is the law of karma. Finally, let’s look at the 1st Law of Divine Oneness.  We are all connected to everything and everyone else.  Our thoughts, words and actions impact the whole universe!  Let’s decide to be healed in the Love of the Divine Mother now that the Aquarian Age is fully in place. We will raise others up with us in the process.  How blessed we are to be alive at this amazing time of transformation!

Daily Healing Prayer

From the I AM that I AM, I raise my hands to the God Most High of the Universe and request that the diamond rainbow crystalline fires transmute all misqualified energies in my mental, emotional, physical and etheric bodies back into the Divine Harmony of Mother God’s unconditional Love.

I AM Light. I AM Love. I AM Joy. I AM grateful.

And so it is.

Be blessed at every level of your being!

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

This sacred Sanskrit mantra means:  May all beings everywhere be happy and free. May my thoughts, words, and actions contribute to freedom for all.

 Though we have entered the age of Light, there is still a lot of suffering around the globe. We know that Earth is in a deeply cleansing phase right now but that within the next ten years, everything will become much Lighter, more peaceful and harmonious! We can be part of the solution by becoming peace ourselves, praying, and affirming to send healing pink Love Light to those people or places that need to be lifted up. By repeating “Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu” over and over, we will to continue to lift blessed Earth as well as ourselves.

 To say this mantra is to choose Love, absorb it into your soul, and carry it with you everywhere. Whatever we focus on will grow. This is universal law.

 May all beings everywhere be happy and free.

 May you be blessed at every level of your being!

 Listen to the mantra here:

Release what needs to go, then open to receive!


The new moon eclipse on Tuesday evening, March 8, is the perfect time to release anything that holds you back before the new influx of dynamic energy arrives in full force later in spring and summer.  March is the last month to create the big picture vision for what you would like be doing for the next 12 to 19 years. You are constantly creating your reality with your unconscious thoughts, why not take charge of your destiny! The timing is perfect.

First, make room for greater good to flow by releasing lower energies. Is there someone that you have been angry with for a long time? Parent, spouse, sibling, co-worker, town gossip, other? Can you look at the situation one more time to see the greater wisdom that can be gained as a result of this relationship? Is there a disappointment that keeps you stuck? A missed opportunity? Maybe events happened for the best. Make a list of the top three to five people/things that you ruminate over and resolve to let them go! 

With space created by releasing what drags you down, now imagine what you would love to create. Dream big! Make a list and picture it. Next, call on you I AM presence, the part of you that has never been separate from the Divine. Ask you I AM presence to help you manifest your vision and open the flow of blessings for your highest good, highest healing and highest blessings. Ask and it is given.

Be blessed abundantly at every level of your being!