Be Your Own Valentine


You may have a Valentine to share this day with, but you also have your own inner male and female within you to shower your love upon.  We all have both male and female aspects that we carry from lifetime to lifetime.  Your inner male helps you to be strong, wise, accomplish tasks and maintain healthy boundaries.  He holds the container for your inner female to be creative, nurturing, and intuitive, helping you to become love in action.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath.  Now go into your heart to check in on your inner male and female.  Sense how they appear, vital and strong or tired and in need of attention?  If you can’t sense them, don’t worry, just take a moment to surround them with your love and affection.  After all, they are an important part of the amazing being that you are!  To be conscious of them and acknowledge them is a big step in becoming more self-aware and whole.

Since we need our inner couple to have a good relationship, it is time to become a conscious model of respect to both sexes.  Women being put down by men has always been wrong but now that the goddess has returned it is equally wrong for women to bash men.  If we respect ourselves first, then the rest will fall into place.  Love will flourish in the beautiful marriage within!

Be blessed at every level of your being.

Diamond Rainbow Fire


On the morning of January 30, 2016, I had an instructional dream and was told to use “diamond rainbow crystalline fire” for clearing energy in place of crystalline violet fire.  Immediately I woke up and knew that I should write this down or forget about it by the time daylight arrived.  Since there was no paper next to my bed, I ran downstairs to find a pad to write on.  Something drew me to look out the window over the ocean, where a very bright light appeared in the sky.  It appeared to be elongated, cigar shaped.  As I watched, I thought it must be a plane approaching from across the Atlantic on its way to Logan Airport, but it didn’t move.  After a minute of staring at it I decided to find my cell phone and get a picture.  Upon returning, the light was no longer cigar shaped but appeared to be a golden orb of pulsing light. Could this have been a planetary alignment that I witnessed? Huge Jupiter, the planet of blessings, beaming down new information for anyone listening?

I have been using diamond rainbow crystalline fire and find that it is indeed powerful for clearing energy!  In any event, we are left with the message of that day which is to use a higher frequency of healing light at this time if we choose.

Diamond Rainbow Crystalline Fire.

Abundant blessings to you and yours!




Stay Centered in the Light


When dark events occur such as those in Paris last week, the best that we can possibly do is to stay centered in the light.  To go into fear, outrage or sadness pulls us off into the fray of negativity where the dark ones win.  Don’t let them.  Instead let the Holy Spirit use your vessel by affirming:

“From the I Am that I am, I call forth an ocean of unconditional Love from the heart of the Divine Mother, to completely cover the Earth in her pink Love fire, for highest healing, highest blessings, highest good.”

Repeat three times and visualize this if you can. Repeat whenever you think of a crisis anywhere. You are very powerful when you put yourself to work as a force of light.  Visualize yourself and others within this pink Love fire as well when necessary.

It is important to note also that we can be pulled off-center by small events such as hearing a person make negative comments, interacting with those seeking to draw others into their personal dramas, etc.

If we can make our default setting sending the pink fire of unconditional Love, we can change the world!

For more information see Barbara Seed’s book, Purify at

May all receive a healing miracle today!

Greetings in the Light of today’s very potent lunar eclipse!  Today and tomorrow will conclude the most powerful eclipse season until 2038.  Take time to get quiet and affirm your highest vision for the rest of your life!  Raise your standards and shoot for the stars.  It is said that time stops briefly during an eclipse, that is the time to hand your plan over to the universe.

Along with your personal agenda, can you affirm with me that every man, woman, child, animal and plant receive a healing miracle today/tomorrow?  If we don’t ask, we cannot receive.

May all be healed in the Light of the Most High.  Blessings, peace, love and joy to you!

What Do You Love?

The energy of the Highest Light has been increasing over the summer months.  This could have caused some stress for our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies as we integrated this new energy, clearing to the next level.  Now the eclipses are coming to help us assimilate this new Light even more, and bringing additional blessings.  On September 12-13, the first eclipse falls on a new moon.  This is a great time to decide what you really Love and start your plan for fulfilling your dreams.

If this feels like a difficult assignment, make a short list of things that you love, family members, things that brighten your day, etc. An example for you is the photo of sunflowers above.  I passed this field of sunflowers last summer and just had to stop to take pictures.  It not only made my day, but made my week.  Thinking about how beautiful this field was lifts my energy.  If you tend to get pulled off into negative thinking, create a short list of things that you love, making it your default setting. If I have a negative thought, my default is the picture above.  By staying in a lighter vibration, this will assist you in moving to the higher vision.  If necessary have more pictures to flip through your mind to pull it up to a comfortable, peaceful zone.

The equinox falls on September 23, bringing another powerful influx of Light (see my class The Chakras and Jung’s Archetypes on that day in the Coming Classes section.)  This is an excellent day to release what we do not want and then fill the empty spaces with Divine Light for highest good and healing. An example of a mantra to repeat is:

“I release into the violet fire all that is harmful to me.

I replace this energy with the golden Christ/Buddha Light.”

On September 27-28th, eclipse season will conclude with a total full moon lunar eclipse along with Wave X, which can be life-transforming!  Our DNA can wake up and shift to a higher frequency!  Bring it on, just be careful to be kind to yourself.  Get plenty of rest and drink lots of water.  This gift of Gamma Ray Light from the Galactic Core of the Universe has only been available every 3,600 years. This eclipse marks the beginning of the end of the control of the masses on Earth! Re-read that last line again.

We are so lucky to be alive. Open your arms to receive.

Wishing you abundant blessings and sweet bliss!


Please Pause, Send Healing to the Earth

Since my last post, I have felt prompted to send healing energy to the whole Earth at least three times per day.  As energy is shifting upward, Mother Gaia is clearing denser energies and we can feel her groan under the pressure. Please, if you feel moved, try to send her healing energy or offer prayers for her and all upon her at least once a day throughout July.  Make a note and tape it to your computer or mirror if it will help you to remember.

The gifts that the Earth gives are enormous: water to drink, air to breathe, food to eat and shelter crafted from her trees.  Even as she is cleansing, she offers her healing to us.  By walking barefoot on dewy grass or a wet sandy beach, we benefit from the healing electrons that vitalize every cell in our bodies.  On a more serious note, sending healing into the Earth for the greatest good of all can lessen the intensity of clearing activities such as storms, etc.

If you are sensitive, you may be feeling the energy that is coming up to be cleared in your own life as well as for Earth at this time. It may appear as anxiety, illness or just feeling “off.” Bathe yourself and the Earth in violet/white/crystalline flames to feel lighter.  Remember to breathe deeply, all the way down to your toes.  Be gentle with yourself and all around you.

Welcome the blessings that will come when the clearing is complete. Let go, let God.

If you would like to read what astrologer Anne Ortelee has to say about the current movement in the heavens click on Find her weekly podcast here:

Visualize the Earth Healed

Right now we are at a crossroads where a massive consciousness shift is needed. Even the Pope wrote an Encyclical that had nothing to do with religion, but everything to do with saving the Earth from the interests that care little for her and humanity.

Please join with me to be part of the solution instead of going into fear.  Let’s all visualize the Earth blazing in the Healing Fire of the God Most High of the Universe. See the Earth surrounded in violet, crystalline, and white fire as we invoke the Divine to cleanse her and restore her to balance. Please consider making this your default action whenever fear arises.

Mother/Father God

We invoke your healing flames and request that they envelope the Earth and all upon her, for the highest healing, highest blessings, and highest good of all kingdoms: animal, mineral, vegetable and human. We are grateful! And so it is.

Together we can create blessed change for the greatest good.

Bless Everything Today!

Bless your life.  Bless your troubles.  Bless your bills.  Bless the people that bug you.  Bless the people you love.  Bless your home, your bed, your food.  Bless your body and thank it for serving you.  Bless everyone that shows you kindness.  Bless the Earth for all that she gives you and send her love from your heart!  Fill your life with blessings and watch your joy grow.

May you be abundantly blessed at every level of your being!

Your Body is Always Listening!


Have you ever felt that no one listens to you?  Well, just because you think something, doesn’t make it true.  Your body is always listening.  Every time you look in the mirror and think  you look old, or fat or ugly,  your body hears you and responds accordingly.  Your body lives to serve you and it does whatever it is told.  I once read a book that described how you can eat anything you want and get to your ideal weight by just repeating the following mantra throughout the day:

I AM thin, I AM trim, I AM youthful and beautiful.

The point was to replace any negative self-talk with this positive affirmation.  I did this for a summer and found that I was not interested in junk food, nor was I thinking about food!  I did lose weight and felt great!  But summer ended and I went back to my teaching job, forgetting  to state this mantra so I gained a few pounds back.

Your mind is very powerful.  Just as you want to limit the junk food you eat, it is best to limit the junk thoughts that you put into it that can be a detriment to your body.   Replace all of your negative thoughts with life affirming ones such as:  I AM radiantly healthy.  I am full of energy, joy and enthusiasm. I love the wonderful gift of my life.  I am grateful for all of the good that continuously flows to me. You can make up your own.  Look in the mirror and say out loud:

You are beautiful.  Thank you for housing my spirit.

Thank your body for all that it gives you:   arms to hold your loved ones,   feet that take you on adventures and to visit your friends,  eyes to see the beauty all around you, ears that delight in soothing music , a tongue to taste delicious food, and so much more.

Your body is your best friend.  Take good care of it, sending love and blessings every day.  Speak sweetly and kindly to this hard working vessel.  And remember to listen to it when it tells you to get more rest and drink more pure water.

You’ll be rewarded, your body will thank you.

You are Beautiful!

You are Beautiful!

Yes, you are.  I don’t care what you “think” you see when you look in the mirror, you are probably overly judgmental and critical of yourself.  What I know is that you are a spark of the Divine, experiencing a blessed sojourn on this beautiful blue planet to learn how to be a co-creator with God.  Thinking that you are just your physical trappings only gets you caught up in  3-D ego judgment non-sense.  You soul is massive, only a tiny part of you inhabits that body of yours that you criticize. The rest of you lives in various higher dimensions, and part of you is always with the Source of all that is. You are never separate from Divinity, you just forgot.

Recently I watched the documentary Unsupersize Me, at The film followed a sweet young woman who weighed 350 pounds with her personal trainer/coach as she became vegan and worked out for one hour per day. At 350 pounds, she was beautiful.  Her eyes poured out light energy.  As the story progressed she got healthier, was able to do more and felt much better after losing 200 pounds.  Of course there was a happy ending.  The point is, even though her body became gloriously healthy, the spark within could easily be seen from the start.  She was gorgeous.  She signed up for this life lesson before she was born so that the documentary could be made and uplift many.  How lovely is that!

So beautiful heart, since you are reading this, take a moment to receive love from the heart of the Divine Mother. Feel it wash over you. Slowly breathe it deeply inside. Close your eyes and visualize a wave of pink bliss washing into every cell.  Know that you are beautiful and you are loved!  Good things are in store for you.  Expect miracles.  Love yourself and the blessed vehicle that is your body.

If you can’t imagine this coming from the Divine Mother, then feel it come from me. Feel it wash over you.  It is coming from her heart, to mine into yours.  Take three to five deep breaths as you let it in. Stay in the moment for a few minutes.

Whatever you focus on, you get more of. Love your body, be kind to yourself and everyone else. When you are feeling good, you are healing.

You are beautiful!