Sweet Bliss classes

As we learn to see the best in everyone and everything,  we become more powerful in the use of Light to bring the highest good to all.

Spring Classes  (all classes are limited to 12 participants, some are less) Contact Barbara@joyfulparenting.net to sign up for a class in Rockport, Massachusetts, USA.

Coming Soon:

The Sequence: This will be a four+ hour class on the guidance I have been receiving in meditations to exist in 5-D.  A glimpse of what is contained can be found in the blog post of January 4, 2018.

April (date to be determined), 2018  Magnified Healing(R) I.  Two full days of class, 10-6. $295.  Magnified Healing is an ascension activation and daily practice that is joyful !  If you are drawn to Kwan Yin or have questions, feel free to set up a time with me to discuss this daily practice that brings many blessings to both the practitioner and the Earth! For more information visit http://www.MagnifiedHealing.com. Limit 10.

Coming Classes

The 12 Universal Laws. 12:00 to 5:00. $55  We will explore the 12 universal laws, incorporate at least two meditations, and discuss details of how each law works.

Melchizedek Method, Level Four (three full days) This class is for those who have taken levels one through three previously. Class is $555 plus materials. 

Contact me if interested in any of the following classes:

Healing Your Ancestors Time: 10:00-2:30, $65.  This class includes two very deep meditations.  The first is a clearing of self with the 12 Divine rays, ultimately filling with the Divine Love of Mother God.  After a lunch break, the second meditation is the actual clearing of ancestors using activated light sources that were shown to me in meditation.  It is recommended to repeat this process at a later time, if possible.  Bring a journal to record your experiences.

 Guided Meditations plus The 12 Sacred Healing Rays.  Six weeks (Fridays) from 1:00 to 2:30, $144.  Each week we will explore two of the 12 Sacred Healing color rays and follow with a deeply relaxing 45 minute meditation.  Bring a journal and a cozy blanket to wrap up in for meditating.  Feel the peace.  Please call or e-mail if interested. Limited to 12.

Magnified Healing I (review) Time 10:00 to 4:30, $75.  This class is to update those who have previously taken Magnified Healing I.  Gisele King, co-originator of Magnified Healing came to Braintree in May, 2016 to update this first phase.  In this review we will incorporate sacred names into the daily practice and provide more information on the activation of the five higher bodies, the connection of the nervous system, primary glands and the building of the light body, etc.

The Chakras and Jung’s Archetypes:  Time: 10-6, $120.  Leave this class feeling centered and peaceful as you will learn to clear, balance and heal your chakras with sound in the first hours of this class. Next we will explore Jung’s archetypes to understand the health of the seven major chakras. There will be short meditations on each chakra, empowering positive and releasing negative archetypes.  The inner child will be nurtured at each stage of development within the chakras. Finally, a color meditation will seal in the work of the day. Bring a journal to record your experiences.

Fall 2017 The Melchizedek Method, Levels One/Two Combined (four full days)

Contact me to add your name to the list of new students.

Class is $555.  Materials are additional $175. due by March 30, 2017. Please note that the price of class is set by Kamadon Academy.

Limited to 12 participants

The Melchizedek Method Level One and Two is a revolutionary form of physical, emotional, mental, etheric and spiritual healing and light body activation. The Melchizedek Method was brought forth by Ascended Master Thoth through Alton Kamadon. This technique stems from ancient Atlantean times within the temples of self-discovery and higher learning.

Techniques presented include the activation of the Hologram of Love Merkaba, a rotating light field which awakens your spherical consciousness. This raises the quotient of light vibration within the human atomic cell structure. Once activated, the merkaba assists in accessing the naturally ascended consciousness state; the healing capabilities of a practitioner are enhanced a hundred-fold. The heart awakens and opens more to unconditional love during healing sessions and this opening continues during daily life. The Hologram of Love is a high dimensional Divine manifestation that accesses all levels of consciousness. It has the ability to heal and rejuvenate as it is the living conscious holographic pattern of God Source vibration.  For more information on The Melchizedek Method, visit KamadonAcademy.com.

Blessings, grace and peace to you!

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